This is the blog about my kitty, Leroo.

Leroo’s a show-off

July 30, 2008 no comments

Leroo loves to sit on the window sill in my bedroom looking out at the garden and at the other cats that stroll by. Often I go and look out the window with her. Cats love it when we just chill doing what they are doing sometimes. But when i do this…Leroo usually gets all animated and hams it up for her potential audience outside. Its pretty funny…she arches her back and wags her tail when i pet her in the window, while looking out, as if hopeful some other cat is noticing that she is getting attention…like she is showing off.

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Bird Call

July 29, 2008 no comments

Leroo has this bird call she does when she sees a bird. Maybe all cats do. Its pretty funny though. She is sitting in the window in our bedroom right now chirping at a red bird outside. I just filmed it with my camera so i’ll put the video on the blog later.

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Leroo’s Lazy Day

July 28, 2008 no comments

leroo has spent the entire day today asleep. but the cute thing about that is she slept on the couch under the tent i make with a blanket for her….right next to me as i worked. i love it when she does this….keeps me company when im feeling kinda lazy myself. i was out a bit this weekend and i can tell she missed me. when i got home lastnight she greeted me at the door as she always does…and stretched and rolled on the floor for me to bet her stomach as usual…but purred like crazy too…which she only does when we go to bed at night, when we wake up in the morning…and when ive left her alone longer than she woulda preferred. she purred a lot lastnight..and then of course ran thru all the services she desired…she wanted a drink of water from the bathtub…for me to clean her box…and the current games she’s into….this weekend the top game has been chasing a crumpled piece of paper around the house and jumping out at it from behind something. pretty cute. and today she has been glued to me since ive been working all day…

but now she is awake and ready to play!

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July 24, 2008 no comments

Leroo caught a cricket last night. She LOVES them. They come in under the back door now and then and provide hours of excitement. Leroo played with it for a while…put it in the center of the room and watched and followed it..and then would chase it and bring it back to the center of the room and start again….until she finally ate it. She left one leg behind..always does.

Then of course..after it was long gone…she was still in the moment…and staked out all the areas where she played with the cricket…hoping to relive the experience. It put her into hunting mode much of the night. this morning she is still in bed…under the covers…sleeping in.

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We had a good play session lastnight!

July 23, 2008 no comments

Last night Leroo was particularly energetic…she got into Street Leroo mode and ran as fast as she could around the house growling. she ran so fast you could see the definition of her muscles. I chased her and started playing with her fish toy and she leaped for it as she ran. She got so much air at one point…a few feet up…but had her body vertical and flew toward the door and landed smack into it. hehee. She was fine. Very enthusiastic.

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My Kitty Leroo

July 22, 2008 no comments

My kitty leroo is so cute ive made her this blog. The world needs a blog about Leroo. She is THAT cute.

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