This is the blog about my kitty, Leroo.

Hi I’m Leroo

August 5, 2008

I’m Julie’s kitty Leroo. I live in Laguna Beach and spend my time doing all sorts of stuff….like playing with my fish toy or crumpled paper, and i love playing in shopping bags..thats exciting. When this guy named Don comes over I get into the shopping bag and he carries me to another part of the house.

Often I run fast around the house growling…Julie will hide behind a doorway and I jump out at her to scare her. Sometimes i get up on the back of the couch and when she runs by I do my best swan dive at her and she laughs. Its fun.

I also spend some good time chilling….looking out the window at the birds..and the neighbor kitties….my friend Birdy next door likes to growl and hiss at me when I arch my back in the window by my bed and show her how big I am.

And when its nap time, lately since its warm i like to sleep at the foot of the bed…its cool there. I dont get a lot of sleep though since Julie comes and pets me all the time.


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