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i had an exciting day yesterday

August 7, 2008

yesterday was exciting. i got to see my neighbor cat Birdy again. she came to visit me at my bedroom window. i showed her how i can climb the window slats, how big i am when i arch my back, how loved i am when julie came to look with me, and Birdy was impressed. then i had tuna for lunch. i love tuna. i had the tuna juice and the meat…and then threw it all up on the bedroom floor. i guess i shouldnt have eaten my usual dry food as well. over stuffed myself. it was just so good. THEN at night we had visitors…i caught a moth and a cricket…then this big bug cam in…the kind julie screams at…a cockroach! she wouldnt let me get near it though. they must be dangerous. i had to go hide in the closet while julie vacuumed it up…the noise is scary. then i was all pepped up from the day’s events and went running around the house growling…im fierce!

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