This is the blog about my kitty, Leroo.


July 22, 2008

Mom’s Kitty Mo
Leroo was kind of afraid of Mo. But no wonder why. He is a big kitty with sharp claws.

mom’s kitty, mo

Prince Patrick
He’s royalty.

Prince Patrick Cat

Patrick the Giant Kitty
He’s sort of a tough guy…but not always.

giant kitty patrick

Beeps is now Patrick.
He has settled in well to be a very happy cat with don.

Patrick Whitebeard Littlebear Smith

We have a new friend to add to the blog.
Beeps. He is Don’s new kitty. Sadly we lost Sr. Scott Bubbles Brown-Smith. We all loved him…he was a great cat…cute and chill.

But now we have BEEPS! and he is a character. Feisty but sweet. And beautiful. He has a favorite toy..its a little fox stuffed animal. I say its his favorite toy..but really it seems to be his arch enemy. He loves to attack it. A couple nights ago Don teased Beeps by cuddling his fox…held it like a baby. Beeps got so mad he took the fox…killed it..and dragged it off to a place where he could have kill it again.

And yet..he is so cuddly he sleeps on Don’s chest at night… purrs with ease..and hangs with everyone in the house all the time.


We have some new photos of Misty!
She is a cute cat. Super cuddly.


misty in her blue ribbon

kitty headshot

The new baby…Lilly!
Lilly is the new member of lori’s household…SO CUTE!!!

introducing Lilly

cute little lilly

lilly the kitten

hang in there baby

Sweet Pea and Petal
Sweet Pea and Petal are Lori’s kitties and live up the street in Laguna. Sadly Petal has gone missing and so in loving memory we have the two kitties included here.

Sweet Pea and Petal

flying kitty

sweet pea


Senor Scott Bubbles Brown-Smith
(Bubbles for short)
Bubbles lives in Corona Del Mar with Don. He came to visit Leroo once so far. She loved him and flirted a bit. But i think Bubbles needs to get use to being so desired by girls. He’s shy.

Senor Scott Bubbles Brown-Smith

Senor Scott Bubbles Brown-Smith


Bubbles visiting Leroo

Misty lives in Venice, CA. She is the sweet little kitty of Jackie’s.


Cute Little Misty

Birdy lives next door with our neighbor Kevin. She goes outside and is a tough one. She has had to battle other cats in the neighborhood, coyotes, etc. and has definite street smarts.


Birdy being cute

birdy being tough

Boo lives in Corona with Stevo. He is a very affectionate kitty and loves to be held.

This is Boo

kitty boo

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