This is the blog about my kitty, Leroo.


July 22, 2008

Born April 14, 2006.

Leroo is a great cat. She is playful, cuddly, personable. Her thing when people come visit is to go up to them where they sit and smell their hair to find out who they are….smells their ‘fur’ to identify. She plays a lot…has several games she runs thru each day. At night leroo gets particularly into running around the house growling…i call her ‘Street Leroo’ when she does this. Its funny…she runs through the house…growling…jumps out at me from under furniture..or does swan dives at me from the back of the couch…and then arches her back, puts ears back and gets this devilish look on her face…and rolls back on her side and resumes the arched back position. Some instinctual hunting tactic i guess. Soon i’ll upload video of this. 

Cuddly leroo is mostly at night. She sleeps with me…usually with her head tucked under my chin…facing me..with an arm stretched over me like she is holding me…and she purrs still she falls asleep. Its so cute. We awake in the morning the same way..usually she has moved around a little..but when she wakes she gives my arm a bath…stands up and stretches her back..and then nestles under my chin, purrs, and sucks the edge of the blanket she loves. The only other time Leroo purrs is when I’ve left her alone for more than a few hours. She always greets me at the door when i come home…but if she’s been alone for a while she will purr and roll around for me to pet her stomach and then guide me thru all the services she likes…water from the bath tub faucet…cat box….and of course then she runs thru her list of games to make up for lost time.

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