This is the blog about my kitty, Leroo.

I think Leroo is learning to spell

November 5, 2008 no comments

today i went to my desk and found another odd arrangement of shells i keep on the desk in a cluster. in earlier post i showed the straight line the shells were arranged in…no one had been here…but me and leroo. so who did it? Leroo??

well this time i found the shells aligned in an L shape. maybe she is trying to spell her name!!!!

see gallery for photo.

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leroo has organizational skills

September 9, 2008 no comments

i have a desk in the front of my living room. and on that desk is a bunch of shells just laying there in a cluster. i rarely use the desk. but i do dust it regularly…. yesterday i was looking for something in a drawer in the desk…and i noticed the shells…and they were arranged in a straight line!!! i think leroo did it…no one else was here. check out the photo in the gallery. leroo is a smart cat.

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i had my teeth cleaned today

August 28, 2008 no comments

i had a scary day today. i was put into a box…taken in the the vet, where they held me down and gave me shots and cleaned my teeth. the vet was very nice to me and said i was pretty and petted my head…but the whole thing was scary. there were dogs barking and cats meowing. i was so happy to come back home…i inspected the entire house to be sure nothing had changed while i was gone…and julie petted me a lot, hugged me, combed me…im  happy to be home.

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today’s post is photo-journalistic

August 23, 2008 no comments

please go to the gallery page for today’s update.

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leroo calls me Rao-Rao

August 21, 2008 no comments

i think leroo calls me Rao-Rao.  she always talks to me..but when she calls me from another room she always says Rao-Rao. maybe thats what i sound like when i call her leroo! you never know. i know she knows some english. ‘tuna’ for sure. and she knows ‘you ready for breakfast’ is the cue to get up in the morning. so we definately communicate verbally…and i think she calls me Rao-Rao.

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i woke up ready to play today

August 19, 2008 no comments

usually i sleep in for a while after julie wakes up. today i awoke ready to play…i cuddled for a few minutes and then jumped out of bed and sat on the floor meowing for julie to get up too. she took a little coaxing…but when she got up we chased the crumpled paper all over the house…had water from the bathtub faucet…had a salmon treat..and then got to work updating my website.

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the weekend

August 18, 2008 no comments

i got new food this weekend. i really like it. dry cat food by Wellness. i caught a couple flies this weekend that flew in the window. i saw birdy from the bedroom window…she comes to visit me a lot. i like her but i think she seems like a tough kitty. i got to have tuna. and…i felt extra cuddly all weekend…

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I was BAD today!

August 11, 2008 no comments

I climbed the open window slats today in the bedroom and got in a little trouble. I managed to pull a few of the windows out and slide out and got myself wedged between the window and the screen on it. I was stuck in there! But Julie heard me and came to my rescue. She struggled a bit to figure how to get me out…some glass broke a little…and then she made me hide in the closet while she vacuumed and fixed the window. It was an adventure…I wonder if Birdy saw me.

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i had an exciting day yesterday

August 7, 2008 no comments

yesterday was exciting. i got to see my neighbor cat Birdy again. she came to visit me at my bedroom window. i showed her how i can climb the window slats, how big i am when i arch my back, how loved i am when julie came to look with me, and Birdy was impressed. then i had tuna for lunch. i love tuna. i had the tuna juice and the meat…and then threw it all up on the bedroom floor. i guess i shouldnt have eaten my usual dry food as well. over stuffed myself. it was just so good. THEN at night we had visitors…i caught a moth and a cricket…then this big bug cam in…the kind julie screams at…a cockroach! she wouldnt let me get near it though. they must be dangerous. i had to go hide in the closet while julie vacuumed it up…the noise is scary. then i was all pepped up from the day’s events and went running around the house growling…im fierce!

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Hi I’m Leroo

August 5, 2008 no comments

I’m Julie’s kitty Leroo. I live in Laguna Beach and spend my time doing all sorts of stuff….like playing with my fish toy or crumpled paper, and i love playing in shopping bags..thats exciting. When this guy named Don comes over I get into the shopping bag and he carries me to another part of the house.

Often I run fast around the house growling…Julie will hide behind a doorway and I jump out at her to scare her. Sometimes i get up on the back of the couch and when she runs by I do my best swan dive at her and she laughs. Its fun.

I also spend some good time chilling….looking out the window at the birds..and the neighbor kitties….my friend Birdy next door likes to growl and hiss at me when I arch my back in the window by my bed and show her how big I am.

And when its nap time, lately since its warm i like to sleep at the foot of the bed…its cool there. I dont get a lot of sleep though since Julie comes and pets me all the time.


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